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Exceptional designer watering cans

Watering can "Limbo" by Blomus

Design: Blomus "Limbo"

The "Limbo" design by Flöz Industriedesign for the Blomus brand was constructed in a strictly rectilinear fashion. The contrasting mix of dark plastic and shiny polished stainless steel adds visual accents and gives the tall and narrow shape an elegant touch. The long, narrow spout provides surgical precision when pouring and adds a certain delicateness to the otherwise solid and stable aesthetic. Flöz Industriedesign is a design agency that has helped shape the design language of the Blomus brand for over 15 years, but also develops product designs for brands such as Adidas. In our opinion, the years of experience and the eye for simplistic elegance are clearly visible.
Watering can "Diva" by Alessi

Design: Alessi "Diva"

The Italian design company Alessi has already caused a stir with our wall clock selection ( Infinity Clock) but also manages to find exciting and, in this case, humorous shapes for watering cans. The watering can "Diva" did not get its name for nothing: Viewed from the side, one can effortlessly recognize the caricature of an opera singer - the spout is the upstretched arm, the filling opening the mouth and the handle can be seen either as a second arm or perhaps even as an extravagant hair curl. Who would have thought that such associations could be drawn from a watering can? Another watering can design, which effortlessly defends its raison d'être in any room, even without plants.
Watering can by Burgon & Ball

Design: Burgon & Ball

Burgon & Ball, based in the British city of Sheffield, can look back on a long tradition: the company has been designing and producing tools for agriculture since 1730, and began its history - as is customary in this region - with a focus on one particular material: steel. Almost 300 years later, the expertise is still reflected in the products: steel is also the main material of the small indoor watering can from Burgon & Ball, for whose design the attribute "delightful" probably fits best. A clear-cut wooden handle made of beech wood and a long, narrow spout also distinguish the design and, together with the coffee cup size, create a fine and unpretentious overall appearance.
Watering can "Planto" by Blomus

Design: Blomus "Planto"

The watering can design "Planto" by the design agency Flöz Industriedesign for Blomus is also affectionately called "the little bucket", since it has a rather wide cylinder as its main body and a handle symmetrical on the vertical axis, which virtually forces this association. However, our cute nickname should not hide the fact that we are dealing with a very elegant, compact and straightforward watering can design, which covers a very wide range of effects from cute to constructed-precise. With its needle-thin spout and matte stainless steel, this watering can makes for eye candy in any room.

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