• Exciting and unique product designs
  • Carefully selected and masterfully staged
  • Set up for ideal product design comparison

Ideal product view

Online-Shopping means relying on your eyes to assess and evaluate product design - but each product is often photographed by different photographers in different settings with different light from a different perspective. How can you make out subtle differences in form and material while being distracted by differences in quality and art direction? We strive to fix this by providing perfectly comparable, high quality images where only the product changes - NOT the surroundings.

Modeled with care and attention to detail

In order to show the products from the same perspective and in the same setting, we model the products in a 3D-software, try to capture the essence of their design language and be as close as we can to the real thing. We then put it in an equally artificial setting and voilĂ  - perfectly comparable products!