Exceptional designer soap dispensers

soap dispenser "Native" by Sealskin

Design: Sealskin "Native"

The soap dispenser "Native" from Sealskin has a bulbous shape and looks rustic, organic and "smoky". The dark wood harmonizes with the pump made of metal and provides a noble flair in every bathroom.
soap dispenser "Planet" by Wenko

Design: Wenko "Planet"

The special feature of the soap dispenser "Planet" by Wenko is the upper surface of the cylinder: it consists of a high-gloss coating, which forms a round and harmonious shape by means of gentle blue gradations complementary to the cream color of the rest of the body. An elegant and visually gentle addition to any bathroom.
soap dispenser by mDesign

Design: mDesign

Simple, solid, inexpensive and yet with a good dose of style - that's how we characterize the "Amazon's Choice" soap dispenser from mDesign. Made of solid plastic, it fits easily into the bathroom or kitchen with its clear shape and stable functionality. The metallic-looking lid including the pump system can be completely removed, which also makes refilling a breeze thanks to the large opening. What more could you want?
soap dispenser "Rubber" by Zeller

Design: Zeller "Rubber"

soap dispenser "Matt Steel" by Brabantia

Design: Brabantia "Matt Steel"

soap dispenser "Pure Design" by Nice Sea

Design: Nice Sea "Pure Design"

soap dispenser "Ebonite" by Opportunity

Design: Opportunity "Ebonite"

soap dispenser "Nexio" by Blomus

Design: Blomus "Nexio"


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